Catus LMS –  Air Export Freight Forwarding Software Module is designed to efficiently manage Master and House AWB release. All operations from Cargo handover at origin to destination. The system generates all outputs required for completing the transaction.

Air Export Freight Forwarding Software

Air Export Freight Forwarding Software

QUOTATIONS : The system is designed to allow quotations to be prepared quickly and easily, with a minimum amount of data entry. From the time of a quotation through the life cycle of a shipment, until it is invoiced and entered into the sales history and accounting sub-systems, all variables for a shipment are only entered once. In this way, an absolute minimum of information is recorded for each transaction, errors reduced, and productivity maximized.

SHIPMENT DETAILS : All related shipment details such as shipper, consignee, notify, agent, prepaid or collect, terms, airline or shipping line, from, to, ports and airports, flight(s), vessel and voyage number, dates, MAWB number, booking number, etc., are entered as available.

Freight charges and other charges including buying rates or amounts are entered as available.

Selling and buying rates or amounts can be either prepaid or collect, and entered in multiple currencies. The system will automatically convert charge units as required. Shipment and consolidation transactions may be created at any time, as required. Shipments may be dynamically included or excluded from consolidations at any time.

Key Features:
* Quotation
* Job Folder
* Master Airwaybill Entry / Printing
* Shipper Invoice / Shipping Bill Details
* House Airwaybill Consolidation and Printing
* Events and Transportation Details
* Acknowledgement Note
* Document Despatch Details
* Cargo Manifest / GSP / COC Entry and Printing
* Master Airwaybill Register
* Sales Report (For a Period)
* Job Costing (On a Single Click)
* Job Register Datewise/Partywise
* Master Airwaybill Register
* House Airwaybill Register
* Spot Rate
* Cargo Sales Report (CSR)
* And Many More…