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Catus Technologies is a Software Development Company offering Catus LMS (Logistics Management System). CATUS LMS is a complete software solution for Freight Forwarding and Logistics industries. Our Freight Forwarding Software gives you a competitive advantage. With no room for human error, it makes Logistics business very efficient.

 Freight Forwarding Logistics Software in Delhi

Catus LMS is multi-user software and can be operate from multiple location by using a centralized server. It is an extremely unmatched complete software solution for Cargo Agents, which includes complete operational, Accounting  and business development.

Freight Forwarding Software

Freight Forwarding Software

Catus is an integrated solution to manage all activities associated with Operational and Accounting. It provides a document management system with their attachments to shipments. The purpose of the software is to provide tailored services to customers, along with a tremendously powerful management of Information Exchange and Operational Control Systems. We’re sure Catus LMS serves its purpose, but the point is you’re doing lots of unnecessary double entry; you’d probably be shocked to see how many hours you are wasting doing work with your existing environment. We pride ourselves on our support services which are second to none and the reason that many of our customers either chose us in the first place, or switched to us subsequently.

Advantages of having Catus LMS software for your business:

* Saves Money and Time
* Reduce Hassles.
* Keeps track of progress in your business.
* Easily maintained.
* Feel free your staff from spreadsheet data retrieval for customer rates.
* It automates the quotation process and customer tariffs rate shipments without error.
* Make bookings easy with a system to create, track and report all changes to files automatically.
* Let the system log and organize all changes to documents.
* Know who made what changes and when, instantly.
* Stop chasing documents around your workplace to service customers.
* Let our real time event panel provide instant answers when clients call.

Catus LMS user-friendly, interactive screens are designed to reduce the amount of work for the user and to allow the company to reduce costs, increase productivity, and gain a competitive edge.

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Catus LMS provides Operational, Accounts and Business processes of the company. It provides a personalized service to the customers and enables to respond to customer’s inquiries instantly.
Security provisions allow users to only see their own branches transactions or alternately, authorized head office personnel such as accounting, may see transactions for all branches.