Catus LMS – is designed based on international accounting principles. It facilitates multiple currency transactions, Job Costings, budgeting, asset management, credit control, vendor payables, and partner receivables with GST Integration. The users can view and analyze detailed job profitability and prevent revenue leakage through remote auditing. Our Freight Forwarding Software GST ready tightly bound operational and financial modules. It is useful for the management level to know the profitability of every shipment or job as well as company status report on a single click.

Invoices for a shipment are calculated as required using the charges entered above, and can be for the account of a third party or the shipper, overseas agent, airline, etc., for prepaid, collect or mixed shipments as necessary.

Separate invoices can be produced for each currency in a shipment, or one invoice for all currencies. Customers can be billed in the currency of their choice (i.e. Canadian dollars, American dollars, Euro, etc.) or mixed currencies.

Key Features of our Financial Accounting Freight Forwarding Software GST Ready :

* Raise Local Invoice / Credit Note (Multi-Currency Transaction with GST Breakup)
* Raise Overseas Invoice/Credit Note
* Raise Miscellaneous Invoice/Credit Note (Not Related to a Job)
* Register Local /Overseas Agent Invoice/Credit Note
* Receipt/Payment/Contra /Journal Voucher
* Ledger
* TDS Voucher
* Credit control module with credit related auto-alerts
* Budget, ageing, variance, trend and forecast reports
* Expense Memo (General/Operational)
* Bank Reconciliation (Reconciled/Non Reconciled)
* Sub Ledger
* Sub Ledger Schedule (As on Date/For a Period)
* Books of Accounts
* Statement of Account (Summary/Detailed)
* Ageing Analysis
* Month wise Sales Report (Summary/Detailed)
* Cash/Bank Balances
* GST Report (Collection/Payment)
* Job Costing (On a Single Click)
* Cargo Sales Report (CSR)
* Trial Balance
* Profit and Loss
* Balance Sheet
* And Many More…


Automate billing and GST reporting with inter or intra state rate calculation.